Make a Net Zero Business Pledge

By making a West Midlands Net Zero Business Pledge, you demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and being on a journey to net zero.

photo of a man fueling an electric vehicle

Step two

Write your pledge

Fill out your pledge form with your carbon reduction and net zero plans, actions and motivations behind making your pledge. There are four sections and the time taken to complete the pledge form will vary depending on how much detail you would like to provide and the amount of input you require from colleagues. It should take 15 minutes once you have all information to hand. You can save your progress as you go. Section three will be used to populate your public-facing profile page, giving you the chance to showcase your net zero commitments. 

Step three

Pledger profile activation

Once you’ve submitted your pledge form online, your pledge will be reviewed for approval. This approval process will make your pledger profile live and searchable on the pledger directory. Once your pledge is approved you can also:

  • Download the pledge logo and publish it on your website and marketing material
  • Get involved in opportunities to showcase your net zero activities
  • Gain access to business networks and guidance to support your pledge commitment
  • Receive updates about regional efforts to become net zero by 2041.

I launched the Net Zero Business Pledge because organisations told me they wanted to play their part in helping the West Midlands meet its ambitious #WM2041 target of becoming a net zero region within the next 20 years.

Andy Street

Andy Street

Mayor of the West Midlands and WMCA chair