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The climate crisis presents society’s greatest challenge. We are already experiencing the effects of climate change - which will affect all of our lives, across all parts of our world, today, and for generations to come. At Birmingham Airport, we are playing our part in limiting the Earth’s temperature increase to well below 2°C, in line with the United Nations’ ambition, and have committed to becoming a Net Zero carbon Airport by 2033. We recently published our Sustainability Strategy covering a wide range of topics across the Airport. This has helped us to capitalise on previous steps made towards reducing our carbon emissions and also to make good use of the unique learning opportunity the pandemic has presented. As the recovery takes shape, we are taking time to readjust, reprioritise and focus on the next steps towards 2033 and Net Zero. While we have a track record in achieving low carbon operations, we know that meeting our commitment will require more impactful and immediate action and new investment to deliver significant change across our Airport over a short time-period.

Please tell us how you will champion this pledge and let us know if there is any support you need to assist you in this role:
We will communicate to all our staff, airport partners and key external stakeholders, that we have signed up to the pledge. We will use the logo where we can, and talk about our pledge when collaborating with other stakeholders in the region, encouraging organisations to sign up, where we can.

In one sentence, what is your ambition for your Net Zero Business Pledge: Our commitment is to be a Net Zero carbon Airport by 2033, prioritising zero carbon airport operations and minimising carbon offsets.

Please tell us why you have made the West Midlands Net Zero Business Pledge: The decision to make the West Midlands Net Zero Business Pledge is driven by Birmingham Airport’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Acknowledging the significant carbon footprint associated with aviation activities, the pledge reflects a proactive approach to addressing climate change and reducing the airport's impact on the environment. By aligning with global initiatives, complying with potential regulatory measures, and meeting the expectations of environmentally conscious stakeholders, Birmingham Airport aims to enhance its reputation, stay ahead of industry changes, and contribute to the broader effort of mitigating climate change. Additionally, pursuing a Net Zero goal can drive operational efficiency, cost savings through sustainable practices, and the adoption of innovative technologies, positioning Birmingham Airport as a leader in environmental stewardship within the aviation sector.

Please provide a summary of the net zero initiatives that you have implemented: To achieve our net zero target, we have implemented various initiatives: Installed photovoltaic systems, with solar panels on the terminal roof generating around 50,000 kWh electricity per year. Transitioned to energy efficient lighting across large parts of the airport. Installed 25 electric vehicle charging points across the airport, for use by passengers, commercial partners and our own operations. Operate a fleet of 20 electric vehicles, including six electric buses for passenger transfers. Installed 580 electricity submeters on-site to better manage and control consumption. Engaging employees and third-parties through regular net zero communications and events. Achieved Level 3 Airport Carbon Accreditation.

Please provide details of the results associated with the net zero initiatives that you have implemented: Carbon emissions in 2022/23 25% less than 2019/20, achieved through energy demand reduction initiatives.

Please tell us about any future net zero initiatives that you plan to implement: In line with our net zero commitment, we have laid out a road map where we plan to carry out projects that will support our net zero journey. Some of these projects include: Building Management System upgrade, Sustainable Aviation Fuel strategy, Low-carbon heating and cooling upgrades, Low energy lighting, Next generation solar panel rollout, Renewable heating strategy. We’re also committed to working with our airport partners to reduce the carbon emissions that we can influence (Scope 3) in and around our Airport.

Please tell us about any net zero related accreditations or awards you have received: We achieved Level 3 (Optimisation) Airport Carbon Accreditation from Airports Council International (ACI) Europe in 2023. This brings our decarbonising activities and reporting under ACI Europe’s framework of scrutiny, including comparison with over 500 Airports worldwide.