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Castle Bromwich Hall and Gardens Trust

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Beginner - this is our first step

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Micro 2-9 employees

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Please tell us how you will champion this pledge and let us know if there is any support you need to assist you in this role:
We are a small charitable visitor attraction in an urban context: Talking with and communicating to our 14000 visitors and users is our stock in trade. Through onsite signage, leaflets, demonstrations, live events and participatory activities we are able to champion sustainability and positive net zero actions.

In one sentence, what is your ambition for your Net Zero Business Pledge: To be a positive and active influence on ourselves and our visitors - seeing how far our site can get to being 'off grid in the city'.

Please tell us why you have made the West Midlands Net Zero Business Pledge:

Please provide a summary of the net zero initiatives that you have implemented: We have rainwater harvesting and solar panels where we are permitted. Our energy is purchased via a charity 'basket' which prioritises green suppliers. Much of our work is geared to promoting public behavioural change., etc. Currently we are able to do that in terms of waste, composting, food and support for nature. We reward the public for cycling to events. We support and conserve 40 acres of formal and wild green areas. Our small cafe and shop prioritise sourcing locally and artisan suppliers and we sell a small range of refillable supplies.

Please provide details of the results associated with the net zero initiatives that you have implemented: Our electric energy bills are relatively small because of our energy charity basket and our solar panels. We protect biodiversity of heritage fruit varieties through our orchards and wildlife friendly practices in the formal gardens. We are restoring wetlands, acid grassland and other woodland habitats on the Historic Parkland.

Please tell us about any future net zero initiatives that you plan to implement: Trying to get EV chargers for visitors, but currently the local grid cannot support this. We want to be able to produce our own electricity to support this. We are changing to net zero cleaning and food suppliers in 2024.

Please tell us about any net zero related accreditations or awards you have received: NA