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Wylde Connections Limited

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Intermediate - we have made a few changes to reduce emissions

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Professional services

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Micro 2-9 employees

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Our vision: Helping to secure the future of the planet and its ecosystems for the benefit of all. Our mission: We empower people and organisations to strive to live and work sustainably. As a founding partner of the WMCA Net Zero Business Pledge, we constantly promote the programme. We also liaise with our media contacts and networks to raise awareness.

Please tell us how you will champion this pledge and let us know if there is any support you need to assist you in this role:
Through our direct strategic sustainability consultancy work with clients we encourage them to sign up to Net Zero pledges as part of their Action Plan and Road Map.

In one sentence, what is your ambition for your Net Zero Business Pledge: To contribute to the UK business community reducing its negative impacts on the environment.

Please tell us why you have made the West Midlands Net Zero Business Pledge: Businesses are the key to ensuring we have a better and safer world that supports all life to thrive and prosper. Managing Director Dr Denise Taylor says: “The sooner businesses of all sizes embark on their sustainability journey, the better. There really is no time to lose and businesses should be drawing up their action plans now and putting sustainability at the heart of strategic decision making. There is a very strong business case for doing this and the earlier businesses make the transition, the greater the competitive advantage.”

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