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Yardbirds Chicken Ltd

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Beginner - this is our first step

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Small 10-49 employees

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We are a fried chicken company who cater for festivals, private events and functions. The business is opening a restaurant in September and hope to open another 4 in the next 5 years or so. We want to create a culture of sustainable importance amongst the team and inspire our network to join in. we want to be become carbon neutral, minimize waste and educate on the importance of sustainability to influence others in the hospitality industry of its importance. We recognize the hospitality industry is a little behind in the initiative of sustainable initiatives and we want to be a part of changing that. We want to be able to create a sustainability policy that inspires and encourages customers, stakeholders and potential clients.

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Starting from the bottom line by doing a rigorous evaluation of the businesses sustainability and functionality , then research areas that we could improve, replace or update systems and methods. then report on the progress, and repeat to continue the improvement.

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